Get low when the whistle blows:
Life begins on eight wheels.

By #314 Disaster Nox

Get low.

The idea to start roller skating past the age of 10 is not the ordinary path. But that’s what makes it a good idea. The idea to start roller derby well past the age of reason is an even better idea. Luckily, the start date for the Kuopio Roller Derby fresh meat course was too close to start reasoning again. Sign up and let’s roll!

Get lower.

If only it were as easy as that! Tervetuloa Kuopio Roller Derbyn fresh meat -kurssille! Where you’ll discover muscles that you didn’t know existed and that life on eight wheels is better than before. What a smart group of women we are! Or are we?

Even lower.

How low can you go? It’s not enough, yet – but it will be. Skating starts with falling. Falling small and smart (see, we are a smart group!). The first bruises remind you that you’re tougher than you thought. You can keep going, in both derby and non-derby directions. The first crossover, the first smart transition, the first 25 in 5, clearing the jump, these are all the signs that keep you going. Derby depression may come, but it’s the new teammates (yes, you slowly discover you’re part of a team!) and experienced skaters who provide the encouragement to keep going. And get lower.


Sixteen practices and suddenly it’s time for minimum skills test day. Pass or not, it doesn’t really matter because your life is now on eight wheels. You made the smart choice months ago and now you just keep going. Because roller derby isn’t just about the new skillset, it’s your great idea to keep going around the track with your new teammates and friends. While maintaining a great derby stance, of course.


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